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Chattanooga, TN

There is no more fundamental design principle than the value of people. Only when people believe that a place is important does it become important. While the process of design is crucial, how that process involves and affects people is the more critical element.

Kingsport Landing

Created by Kennedy, Coulter, Rushing & Watson in 2007, The Kingsport Landing Master Plan charts a 15-year course for this mid-sized industrial city to reconnect to the historic Holston River and surrounding Appalachian landscape. Developed with intense public input, the plan includes a $23 million investment in new public parks, walking paths, pedestrian bridges, wharves, event spaces, playgrounds, street and road improvements, restored habitats, historic interpretation and public art. These improvements will not only enliven the waterfront as a destination, but also spur $56 million in private mixed-use development and help fund public improvements.